Nashville Artisan Chocolate Factory and Gourmet Shop


Thank you for inquiring about the wholesale purchase of our products for resale. Colts Chocolates offers a simple and uncomplicated wholesale account program.

  • QUALIFIED BUSINESS: Your business must be in a retail environment suitable for the resale of our products.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: Our minimum order for wholesale accounts is $200.
  • PAYMENT:¬†Initial orders must be purchased with a Visa or MasterCard. Terms may be requested after the first order is fulfilled and with a current Visa or MasterCard on file.
  • ORDER FULFILLMENT: To provide the freshest possible chocolates, most items are made to order. For this reason, there may be a 5 to 7 day lead time. All wholesale orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • SHIPPING: Orders are shipped UPS, FOB. Orders over 1000 lbs. are palletized and shipped LTL.
  • WARM WEATHER: The nature of our products make them susceptible to warmer temperatures. Although we ship our products year round, the temperature often requires additional shipping precautions. Inquire for pricing when placing your order.
  • PRODUCT SHELF LIFE: The shelf life of our products vary based on the ingredients and the conditions in which they are stored. For questions about specific products, please contact Adrienne at (615) 251-0100.